All elders deserve a small, flexible, and pleasant environment with opportunities for choice, and a sense of purpose.  We offer customized services to those who seek a bigger life.  Our caregivers offer the open, engaged warmth of a best friend. Our concept is designed to transform elder care, and to improve society by enhancing the lives of the elderly.  Reservations are limited.

Why Should You Hire Royal Care?

  • You’re looking for additional lifestyle – enriched amenities and an extraordinary level of service.
  • We admire your individuality and respect your goals.
  • You will feel confident, excited, and delighted with your new life.
  • Know that your trust is well placed, as we are a family run business.
  • It’s about the power of home – the power of love.
  • We provide experience and exclusivity with relationship care geared to the affluent.
  • We give you peace of mind, freedom, ease, convenience and time.
  • We offer innovative person-centered care.
  • We support individual celebrations and rituals.
  • We act as your advocate, confidante, and counselor.
  • We can coordinate and supervise all aspects of relocation with hands on service.
  • We provide solutions to all issues from home maintenance to medications.
  • We are experienced in Nursing, Real Estate, and General Management.
  • We provide homes where elders have 24/7 caregivers – they are never left alone!
  • We are driven to succeed beyond your expectations with consistent safe care delivery.
  • We develop and implement innovative solutions to brighten the daily lives of elders by using the framework of befriending.
  • We prepare home cooked meals.
  • If requested, we will joyfully send reports and photos to families on a monthly basis.

About the Nurse Care Manager – Rita Neri RN

  • 20 years in Home Health Care, Rehabilitation Nursing, and Real Estate acquisition for the purpose of supplying homes for the elders.
  • Worked at VA Hospitals in Medical Intensive Care and Intermediate Care.
  • Established successful training schools for Nurse Aides and Home Health Aides in the Boston area.
  • Founder of a Temporary Nursing Agency in Boston, MA
  • Experienced in elder interior design
  • Rita is the CEO and Founder of Royal Care

About Royal Care Day To Day Care

  • We restore the body with brain healthy foods such as blueberries, strawberries, pecans, beets, cruciferous vegetables, poultry, fish, and extra virgin olive oil.
  • We encourage daily exercise.
  • We promote the use of supplements such as fish oil and other vitamins.
  • We correlate our care with your medical professionals.
  • We are privileged to care for you!