Assisted Living Facility Florida – How We Are Different

assisted living facility floridaA redesigned concept of home health care for the elderly through an excellent and enticing assisted living facility in Florida is changing the sunny state’s residents’ general perception of senior care.

In the past, home health care has largely been unappealing and unexciting, as perceived by the elderly and their concerned loved ones and families due to the nature of care given to residents of average retirement homes and senior living facilities.

Back then, most people who had to go through the process of transitioning an elder to their new environment with strangers replacing their family members and previous support system – to live with and depend on – was a source of emotional turmoil for many.

For the elderly, it was a journey of going through many changes, hurling challenges and accepting their new environment while dealing with other issues involving their loved ones and their personal lives.

Royal Care, a prominent name in elderly care that has been giving our precious senior residents  a new lease on life, are committed to only providing the best, the most personalized and the most innovative assisted living facility Florida.

We believe in the revolutionary method of caring for the elderly through a personalized, engaging, and compassionate caregiving.

We provide the elderly a topnotch recreational facility that will engage them to indulge in healthy activities geared towards boosting their energy, keeping them fit and healthy, and giving them a reason to develop friendships among other seniors.

Our assisted living facility Florida prides itself with an amazing array of sporting facilities such as tennis courts, a golf course, and other areas conducive to playing ball games like bocce and pickleball.   Indoor enthusiasts may enjoy our recreational areas including areas designed for a relaxing game of cards.

We don’t want our elders to miss home cooked meals so we have committed ourselves to serving them only the best home cooked meals from our trained and experienced kitchen staff.  Our caregivers and nurses are highly trained and knowledgeable as well and will be helping our elders on a one on one basis through their home health needs.

We also assist in moving the elders from their homes to our assisted living facility in Florida through our exceptional staff of movers who will assist the elders and their loved ones every step of the way.

Our CEO and founder, Rita Neri, RN, has 20 years of extensive experience in caring for the elderly through facilitating trainings, establishing home health and nursing schools in Boston, being employed at the VA hospital, and working in the fields of medical intensive care and immediate care for the elderly.  She also has years of experience in the real estate industry.  Her vision to redesign the concept of home health care for the elderly and establish a truly remarkable assisted living facility in Florida is a great achievement that we are all proud of.

If you want to experience an exceptional and trustworthy assisted living facility in Florida that your elders will cherish and enjoy, please call us today.