The Royal Care Difference

Their lives are rich with plots, subplots, characters, settings and colorful backdrops like a compelling novel that must be read and enjoyed, from which readers draw inspiration, joy and wisdom from.

Our elderly have been blessed with longevity and abundant opportunities to be able to experience what many of us may not even see in our lifetime.

Through the years, they have witnessed changes and transformations, saw mere visions become astounding realities, experienced progress and regressions, struggles and victories, fleeting faces, places, and memories.

Our elderly are like precious books that hold many stories.

Unfortunately, at the last phase of their amazing journey in life, our elderly and their loved ones are oftentimes left with no other choice but to spend their senior years in an average assisted living facility, entrusting their total care in the hands of an impersonal staff.  More often than not, the experience of the elderly brought to such facilities are unpleasant, frustrating, constricting, emotionally draining, and simply depressing.

Royal CareAt Royal Care, we value our elderly and the way we care for them.

We believe in providing them a personalized, one-on-one, interactive, thorough, professional yet compassionate and friendly care guided by our exceptional values and implemented by our excellent, reliable and trustworthy staff that include nurses and caregivers available to assist at all times.

We are a leading provider of home health care for the elderly in New York City and Florida committed to giving our elderly the best possible home health care and amenities that they not only need and deserve but also enjoy and treasure.

At Royal Care:

  • Our trained and friendly nurses and caregivers are available to care for our elderly 24/7 to help them with their home health needs and health concerns
  • Our facilities boast of modern sporting facilities and state of the art equipment including a tennis courts and a golf course among others
  • We have fitness trainers and therapists available to help our elderly with their wellness needs
  • We provide delicious and nutritious home cooked meals
  • Our elegant homes, designed to provide comfort and relaxation to our elderly, are built in a safe location with a stunning lake, landscaped gardens, fountains and other scenic spots surrounding the property
  • We encourage active lifestyles and the freedom to spend their time in the community among our elderly
  • We provide moving services that are guaranteed swift, thorough, meticulous, professional, friendly, and affordable

If you value your elderly and want to give them the lasting gift of enjoying and living their lives to the fullest in an excellent senior community, home and facility, please give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to discuss with you the benefits of entrusting your precious elderly to our care.